George Gascoigne's posy,  A Hundreth sundrie Flowres , 1573, Huntington Library 59894

George Gascoigne's posy, A Hundreth sundrie Flowres, 1573, Huntington Library 59894

Monograph in Progress

Delight in Disorder: Making the English Miscellany

Delight in Disorder traces the development of the poetry collection as both an object and an engine of imaginative writing in early modern England. Identifying an active poetic practice in commercial habits of arranging lyrics, this project argues that gathered poetry reflects a creative struggle with the contingencies of textual production. Books that now strain expectations of design and coherence record a series of experiments with the poetic affordances of collected writing, as well the process through which modern readers have forgotten this early history.


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Occasional Writing

Histories and Communities of Books,” The Collation: Research and Exploration at the Folger (March 2017).